Free Radio In Berlin and Brandenburg
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This is not a full English version of the German website,
but it is a good general description of what it's about.
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Are you still listening to radio or have you already given up? Whats the radio in Berlin like? Independent? critical? diverse?
What can you do to help us reclaim ..... YOUR radio!?
Here's a few suggestions.

*By becoming a member of the association you can support the idealistically and financially. From your small monthly contribution (1,50 or 2,50), we can further finance our lobby and publicity campaign. Just follow this link on the original site to find and fill in the membership form.

*Sign the petition
You can sign the petition for a free radio. The bigger the voice we have the stronger we are when negotiating with the Berlin senate and with the different politicians representing the media. The online petition should be up again soon on the real site. Heres a pdf of the petition if you want to leave it in your shop, club or commune.

*link up the campaign
You can choose one of our logos or and set it on your own Website. Or a simple hyperlink would also make us happy. If you run a mailing list or distribute flyers for your events you might like to add the at the bottom to show your general support and at the same time spread the idea around. And in order to remain up to date, you can join the mailling list of the radio campaign.

*join the campaign
Come to one of the campaign meetings. For the moment we still meet most Thursday evenings 19.00 in Lottumstr.9/10. You should let us know by email when you come around. We need people to help us keep up the pressure. To achieve this we are working in two main fields: lobbying (getting down with the politicians) and public actions (e.g. organising benefit parties or panel discussions). We also need contacts to cheap or free printing, people to distribute flyers, web designers to mention a few. Basically we need people who can take the ball (idea) to his/her own scene or neighborhood and promote it from there in whichever way he/she can. Afterall, when we do eventually get a free radio, it will benefit all of us.

*send gifts of any kind
Donations are very welcome and can be sent to this account:
Kto: 521 705 109
BLZ: 100 100 10
Postbank Berlin

We do not only take money:-))), we also accept gifts of any kind. Like battery operated (noisy) kiddie toys or a place for copying and printing possibilities. Whoever has something or knows where we can get some help please send a short email. Thanks.

Postfach 02 99 19 - 10132 Berlin