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This is not a full English version of the German website,
but it is a good general description of what it's about.
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Archive of some events

For a full look at press archive you have to go to the German site.
The only article ever written in English was done by Emma O'Brien in "The Ex-Berliner" - 2nd edtion - July 4 - 17, 2002.

next planned event is - webradio from Tromanale Free Film Festival - 10 - 20 February 2004

27. - 29.12.04 21Chaos Communication Congress - The European Hacker Conference bcc - berliner congress center, Alexanderplatz, Berlin-Mitte. Here's what they have to say about radio.

26.11.04 Media-Activist-Gathering 2004 - Indymedia celebrates its 5th birthday with a gathering of forces. were there with info table / CD and T-shirt stand.

25.11.2004 bgnm berliner_gesellschaft_für_neue_musik present "Kunstradio - radioKunst " a part of the discussions series MIGRATION PLUS

06.11.2004 - Took part in the BFR- Bundesverband Freie Radios annual Congress

30.10.04 < interview with UNIWUT on OKB (open channel on local Berlin TV) on the future of radio in Berlin.

26.07 - 06.08.04 < Radio event at the non-comercial festival "Camp Tipsy"

10.07.04 < workshops - how to build a mini-FMtransmittor as a part of the Salon Bruit workshop series in the project Leerstelle_ in Kastanien Allee 82 with info/t-shirt/CD stand from the

03.07.04 < a speech at the end of the Fuckparade, a demonstration for free speech and free music.

15.05.04 < benefit party in Ausland, lychenerstr.60

13.05.04 < podiums discussion "Berlin - Metropole oder kommunikative Provinz?" - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

03.04.04 < TOB perform and promote at the end-party of the rebel art festival.

02 .04.04 < Participating in a discussion on The Future of Electronic Resistance - a part of the "rebel art" festival.

24.02.04 < night at the HabenGut onplugged festival in Milasstr. listening to Radioriff Auf Reisen archive material.

01.02. - 30.05.04 < Participating in the 3 month radio project 104.1 FM

19.12.03 - 10.01.04 < - a 3 week non-comercial radio project, Radioriff Auf Reisen - 104.1 FM
in association with the project
01.12.03 - 08.12.03 - radioriff an experiment in radio-club relationship organised in and by Ausland, Lychenerstr.60

19.10.03 < with TOB in the Paradies project (Bunker under Alexanderplatz, Berlin)

1.8. – 3.8.2003: Radio event at the non-comercial festival "Camp Tipsy"

17. - 29.06.03: Radio event at the comercial festival Fusion

09 - 30.06.03 - Juniradio - 3 week radio follow up project to Ersatzradio - organised by bootlab, Klubradio , TwenFM, Radio Internationale Stadt, Partner gegen Berlin and many individuals.
01 - 07.06.03 - "Ersatzradio" a production from "ErsatzStadt" with technical help from

30.11. - 15.12.2002: "Hotel-b" Hotel Berlinische Galerie - flyer

30.11.2002: benefit; 6TONBAND - Concert at "Dienstbar", Institut für Klang&Raum, Dunckerstr. 15

15./16.11.2002: "radiofestival" für ein Freies Radio in Berlin im ACUD - flyer

18.10.02: info table at Gallery SoToDo's - 8th International Congress for Performance Art, Garbaty Zigaretten Fabrik, Pankow, Berlin - flyer

07.09.2002: benefit event by 6TONBAND - for your aural pleasure in Salon Bruit, Kathedrale, Schliemannstr.40, P-Berg

18.08.2002: radiorama im bootlab - mit Wolf Kahlen (TU-Berlin, Ruine der Künste) und Geert-Jan Hobijn (staalplaat)

27./28.07.2002: Radio event at the non-comercial festival "Camp Tipsy"

16.07.2002: benfit concert by eBabY in Eschschloraque - Haus Schwarzenberg

13.07.2002: benefit in Fleischerei, Torstraße, collateral damage, steve transcoder + guest, eBaby and mathias techel - flyer
a cool and crazy night of live music, spontaneously transposed into noisy jam session, twice.

13.07.2002: a speech at the end of the Fuckparade

27. - 30.06.02: infos and dia show at the dienstbar noise salon, a part of "Magistrale", an art festival in Neukoeln - flyer

21.06.2002: [Bühne] im Garten des Tacheles bei der Fete de la Musique

09.06.02: TOB play a benefit concert im.Eimer, berlin, mitte - flyer

03.06.02: TOB play and try to raise awareness at the Comic Library "Renate", berlin, Mitte

01.06.02: On this date a performance from NoisiV and every other day an info point and signature list at "Resonant Wave Festival" Spannwerk, Berlin, Kreuzberg

27.05.2002: second meeting with Medienpolitischen Sprecher der SPD-Fraktion, Frank Zimmermann

19.05.2002: First performance of TOB at "Karneval der Kulturen" - Radioperformance with frequency manipulation using mini fm transmitters and regular battery operated receivers - continued as Benefit party im.Eimer

08.05.2002: "who's against whom". Readings in Club der polnischen Versager

06.05.2002: lecture "das ästhetische dispositiv freies radio und die radiokampagne" at Jour fixe in "berliner gesellschaft für neue musik" [bgnm].

04.05.2002: Benefit party with "Cirkus" (fr), "Sound System" (cz) im.Eimer The start to an east european free techno tour. - flyer

26.04.2002: Collecting signatures during the festival "Medien selber machen" (do it yourself media) in Kladow

03.04.2002: presentation of to "Medienjugend in ver.di"

23. - 31.03.2002: Salon Radio Berlin: welcome center in der pussy-galore Art Galery (audio - video - expo - dialog - work in process)

04.03.2002: First meeting with Medienpolitischen Sprecher der SPD-Fraktion, Frank Zimmermann

16.02.2002: Collecting signatures during "Invalideale - botton up film festival"

13.02.2002: First benefit party - in "bootlap" with Film, TwenFM dj's and bar.

01/02.02: radiokampagne founded in FreudenHaus, Lottumstr. 9/10

Postfach 02 99 19 - 10132 Berlin