Free Radio In Berlin and Brandenburg
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This is not a full English version of the German website,
but it is a good general description of what it's about.
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(The online petetion will be back soon, check the link above)

Berlin needs a free radio!
We request the senate and the local parliament of Berlin and Brandenburg to adapt the national medium laws (Landesmediengesetz ) into the local broadcasting laws in such a way as to facilitate free radios (non-commercial local radio). We request the licensing council (Medienrat) to give us a licence for a free radio and to allocate an UKW frequency.

You can sign the petition for a free radio. The bigger the voice we have the stronger we are when negotiating with the Berlin senate and with the different politicians representing the media. The online petition should be up again soon on the real site. Heres a pdf of the petition if you want to leave it in your shop, club or commune.

Postfach 02 99 19 - 10132 Berlin